Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mount Kinabalu Malaysia

Mount Kinabalu is the highest mountain in Malaysia and the highest mountain in South East Asia (SEA).. Some may argue that there several mountains higher than Mount Kinabalu such as Mount Puncak Jaya (Carstenze Pyramid) in Irian Jaya or Mountains in Myanmar. Puncak Jaya located in Indonesia which is member of ASEAN but Irian Jaya Island is located on tectonic plate of Oceania not of Southe East Asia, thus disqualified the mountain as the highest mountain in SEA. If we want to consider mountains in Myanmar we will end up not knowing the final list because a lot of Mountain Peaks there still not yet discovered. At North of Myanmar laying the end of himalaya mountain range with various Mountain peaks higher than Puncak Jaya and Mount Kinabalu but this mountain range in located on Asia Mainland not specifically as SEA. Then the highest Mountain in SEA is Mount Kinabalu :)

More Information of Mount Kinabalu

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