Friday, July 1, 2011

How To Sleep Well

This Is 3 Ways How To Sleep Well

  1. Avoid stimulants after 6pm - Caffeine, cola and alcohol should be avoided in the evenings because they have stimulant effects on the body that makes it hard to switch off come sleep time. Replace it for tea or plain water.
  2. Keep Your Bedroom Dark - Artificial light will interfere with the production of hormones that make you sleepy. Hormone such as melatonin was only produced by body in dark situation. A slight  increase in light brightness would effect its production. Melatonin is known as longevity hormone helps in cell repair and fight free radical. Keep electronic equipment away from bed and keep the room cool.
  3. Sex Helps.. Don't be confused!! you got that right. An orgasm releases a cocktail of hormones in the brain, some of which make you dozy and help induce sleep. Some can help ease a headache as well .. mmmmmmm

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